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The approach I use offers insight, understanding and support, and with each client a safe and comfortable space is created in order to help client’s heal from experiences of trauma, change limited self beliefs, find relief from symptoms and problem solve. Since each client’s experience of life is unique, the choice of treatment methods is individually tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and goals.    

I have worked for several years with male and female adults, couples and adolescents. I have extensive experience working with individuals who suffer from chronic mental illnesses and also provide services for individuals who struggle with symptoms related to trauma(PTSD), depression, loss and grief, anxiety and phobia’s, life transitions relationship and addiction issues or just feeling “stuck and bored” with their lives.

I place great emphasis on what matters most, what gives meaning to ones life, and help each client explore strengths, opportunities and possibilities. Through this self awareness the potential to heal, grow and change is limitless.     

In addition to talk therapy, other treatment approaches include:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a popular Energy therapy is a simple technique which consists of tapping on designated acupuncture meridian points while focusing on a distressing issue. The technique re-introduces energy into the body which clears the energetic blocks and the distressing thought and/or feelings. 

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is an approach which targets the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is more solution-focused and requires a commitment and motivation to want to shift the thoughts and behaviors that create dissatisfaction with ones experience of life.

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) is a mindfulness based cognitive behavioral approach developed to help clients handle overwhelming and out of control emotions which often result in patterns of living that cause suffering and pain. DBT has proven effective for treating clients who experience suicidal, self harm, addictive behaviors and /or chaotic interpersonal styles of relating, as well as other behavioral challenges.  

The concept of Mindfulness introduces the experience of being awake and participating in ones life, moment by moment. With the practice of mindfulness and the application ofskills clients learn to manage their lives, reduce self destructive and self defeating behaviors and increase overall satisfaction and enjoyment of life.  

Emotion Regulation Skills – teaches clients to reduce suffering by learning how to control their own emotions, not to be rid of them.

Distress Tolerance Skills – teaches clients to tolerate the present moment and bear pain skillfully in order to survive a crisis.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills- teaches clients how to express their emotions in a manner that is clear and effective, which enhances communication and their ability to interact with others without all the chaos.

Overall DBT helps clients increase their awareness of old ways of thinking and behaving and find more effective ways of regulating their emotions, which in turn enhances the quality of their lives and relationships with others.