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New Leaf Divorce MediationMediation is a non-adversarial approach to help parties reach agreements and resolve disputes. In a comfortable environment individual needs and concerns are addressed, and realistic solutions to problems are proposed and considered. The parties have control over the process and become involved in shaping a fair and equitable settlement which suits their particular needs and situation.   

Mediation is not easy and requires that each party be willing to listen to one another, be willing to participate in discussions that relate to the apportionment of their marital assets and liabilities, and be willing to keep an open mind with what is a fair and equitable settlement. It requires each party to verbalize their thoughts and express their feelings in a respectful manner.

Mediation is almost always more successful than divorce litigation whereby spouses each hire separate attorney’s and proceed in an adversarial manner by fighting in court over the marital assets and liabilities. This creates a lot of stress and animosity which exacerbates an already difficult emotional situation.

Mediation generally entails a series of meetings which varies in number from couple to couple and always depends on the individual attitudes and willingness to reach a fair and equitable settlement. At the conclusion of the mediation sessions a written Memorandum of Understanding is prepared which sets forth their decisions and agreements. Clients are encouraged to have their separate attorneys review the Memorandum of Understanding should they so desire.       

Mediation sessions are tailor-made for the individual couple. Listed below are some of the areas that are addressed and resolved throughout the mediation process:

Mediation is NOT Appropriate: