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About Therapist Kathy Bergeron

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Kathy Bergeron is a Psychotherapist, Consultant and Divorce Mediator located in Haverhill, MA.   Through the integration of her former business career and now as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, she is able to provide support to those who seek to change dysfunctional patterns of behavior and assist those individuals who are looking to dissolve their marriage with the least amount of emotional tension.    

As a Psychotherapist she believes that clients enter therapy for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for relief from symptoms that interfere with their lives. Others are seeking to understand themselves on a deeper level, questioning why they continue to engage in self destructive behaviors. Some are seeking out and questioning the purpose of their life and struggle to identify what is of importance.  Whether in times of chaos and turmoil, a recent loss or looking for unanswered questions a collaborative approach will be undertaken to explore the problems that continually create stress, pain and often times physical illness.

In her role as a Divorce Mediator, Kathy Bergeron is neutral party who will assist parties in structuring an equitable and fair settlement, while keeping emotional tensions separate from financial decisions. It must be noted that Mediation is not a form of therapy but can feel therapeutic due to its non- adversarial approach.  She will guide couples using a structured, step by step approach which is tailor-made for the individual couple.  Leaf Icon